Loneliness is at an epidemic scale worldwide and while we may be surrounded with people, how many individuals do we have in our life that we can really open up to and share our real concerns? Group therapy allows us to share experiences, learn from others and possibility develop ongoing friendships based on authentic sharing.
These groups offer exceptional value. The cost of doing one of the series of workshops is a fraction of the cost of one on one sessions with a psychologist. Workshops are currently unavailable and future dates will be announced. 

Vocal Sound Healing Workshops (Workshop 1)
Leonie discovered her singing voice over 30 years ago through attending a vocal sound healing workshop. As well as solo singing Leonie has sung in choirs in the U.K, USA and Perth.
Using Universal Sound Templates which create a high vibration, profound healing and stress release can be experienced.

Toning these Universal Sound templates can raise our energy to experiences of joy and freedom and open us to greater levels of Self expression and creativity.
This group is open to all: those who identify as singers as well as individuals who desire to find their voice.
This is an ongoing weekly group and new members are welcome throughout the term. Refreshments served during the break.

Women empowering women to live their most authentic life (Workshop 2)

While women have been making huge strides in their liberation, they are still paid less than men and juggle many demanding roles simultaneously: wife/partner/ mother, worker, daughter, friend and do the majority of the household chores. You may be facing any number of difficult challenges and transitions: recovering from illness, adjusting to the changing demands of motherhood, loss, work/career issues, relationship problems and feel the negative affects on your mental health.

This women’s group provides the opportunity to learn a range of highly effective psychological tools to manage yourself and the unique environment which is your life. The genuine sharing with other women and their experiences deepens the learning and opens the possibilities for authentic friendships.
If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.
Refreshments will be served during the break.

Developing a flourishing relationship with myself and others (Workshop 3)
We have all experienced challenges in our relationships whether it be with family, friends, partners, ex’s or even colleagues in the workplace. These challenges can greatly affect our mental health and wellbeing.
In this group we will be exploring a range of presenting issues while learning highly effective psychology skills. Of most significance is managing your relationship to yourself: developing self-awareness, positive self-regard, self-compassion, mindfulness and maintaining your balance around others. Such topics as boundaries, communication skills, passive/aggressive versus assertion skills, being able to respond rather than react to uncertainty, difficult people and situations. This includes learning highly effective Energy psychology techniques.
Refreshments will be served during the break.
If you have a current Mental Health Care Plan you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate.

The Spiritual Tool Kit Series (Workshop 4)
This workshop series if for individuals who would like to explore who they are beyond their Conditioned Mind, as a Soul and Spirit. You’ll learn principles and techniques for working with the bodies energies that are simple, practical, foundational tools to begin to master your emotions, thoughts and actions. We will learn about the spiritual opportunities now available to make a shift into being more conscious and aware. Some psychology skills such as Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique will be included, as well as a time in class each week to Meditate together, enhance our intuition and most importantly share with other like minded people in a safe, supportive and open space. At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a Spiritual Toolkit to draw on in these rapidly changing times.

Refreshments will be served during the break.